You’re Worth It: Justifying Having a Stylist

I believe knowledge is power. I believe knowing yourself, inside and out, is an ongoing process. I also know you carry a perspective of yourself, usually based on previous experiences. But others carry a perspective of you, too. That’s where a stylist can be helpful in HOW HE or SHE WANTS YOU TO OBJECTIVELY VIEW YOURSELF. Objectively is the key word here. I tell my clients and students we are all beautiful works of art (but that we all need some “sculpting” in certain areas is all). ;)

I have a beautiful story of an older student probably in her early 60’s from my “How to Dress Your Best for Less” class. It was her turn to come to the front of the class so we could all analyze her silhouette to find her body type (it should be noted here that I always go first, and we assess silhouettes after we have trust with one another, which is also wonderful to watch blossom in the class). She pulled off a flowy silk top that looked like one of those oversized silk squares. The second she pulled it off, I gasped. I then looked her square in the eyes, and said without blinking, “You look 20-30 pounds thinner without the cover-up.” She didn’t believe me. She immediately went into a self-critical mode, pointing out her flaws. I asked her to stop right there, then asked the group, “Am I right, or am I right?” It took what is, in essence, a three-way mirror. Positive feedback was so overwhelming that I thought I saw her eyes starting to well up. Group retail therapy at it’s best! I could see the empowerment. I could see and feel her joy.

It pays to get educated about yourself in the long run. Carrying the knowledge with you can save you gobs of money and time by knowing what your best colors are and your body type.

I am available to help. I also just brought on a new stylist I can’t wait for some of you to meet (Lori Ertmann – she’s a fun, carefree empathetic woman who is an excellent listener. Best of all she’s so supportive, understanding, trustworthy and non-judgmental…like me).

There are also free stylists at major department stores so make an appointment with any one of us. It’s worth it.

Click here to contact me for a styling appointment (my favorite and best value is the closet editing).

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