Dressing for Your Body Type

Dressing for Your Body Type


Signia – Body Type Analysis

Do you want to know what type of hairstyle or eyeglass shape is best for you? Do you wonder what is your body type to look best in clothing styles?  Necklines? Accessories?  Discover this and more with Signia, our computerized system of silhouette analysis.  As you find out your face shape and body balance you will see what styles will harmonize with you.  Learn what to look for, and how to coordinate a versatile wardrobe.  Learn how to enhance your best features, de-emphasize figure flaws, and add or minimize height and weight.  Learn what clothing qualities to save on and which to invest in.  Y

ou will receive a guidebook written for you about you, plus 1 hour of FREE Shopping, your choice (in the Store or in your Closet).

*$140 includes Signia portfolio – 2 hr session


1) Take measurements of outside width and circumference of the body to determine body balance for clothing styles.

2) Analyze face shape to show best choices in necklines, patterns, accessories, eyewear and hairstyles.

3) Determine body challenges to show how to create illusion of   proportion.

4) Send you your own portfolio with suggestions for styles of clothing, hairstyles, eyewear shapes and accessories that enhance their physical features and body shape. This information makes shopping more fun.

*These two tools, Color Palette and Signia Style Portfolio, are staples for building your wardrobe.  Like flour and sugar to your pantry, these are essential in planning your wardrobe. (Both Analysis  for only $250)  SAVE $30

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